London Marathon Runner Help Exhausted Competitor Over Finish Line.


A London Marathon runner who helped a competitor finish said he was just lending a hand to a “guy in need”.

Crowds – including Prince William – cheered on Matthew Rees as he stopped 300 metres from the end to help David Wyeth.

Swansea Harriers runner Mr Rees told the Chorlton Runners athlete: “We’ll cross the line together.”

Race officials tweeted: “You’ve just encompassed everything that’s so special about the #London Marathon.”

Mr Rees said: “I came round the final corner and I saw a runner struggling, his legs were collapsing beneath him. Every time he tried to get up, he kept on falling back to the ground.

“I went over to him and said ‘come on, you can do this’ and tried to gee him up.

“But every time he tried to get up, I realised he wasn’t going to make it.”

So instead of continuing with his own run, Mr Rees helped his fellow racer to his feet and walked with him to the finish.

“I said ‘come on – we can do this – we’ll do it together, we’ll cross the line together,” he added.

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