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When Mosh Pitting goes too FAR!

MUCH NEEDED CONTEXT!!! "Okay so I went to this. And as weird as it sounds (considering I generally don't mosh at shows), it was all in good fun. First of all, everyone who went was friends with at least one person there. So it's not like people were picking fights with each other. It was a mutaually experience. Also, from what I saw, only TWO people got hurt. Wanna know how that was handled? Varials stopped their set just to check if everyone was okay (which is featured in a different video). In regards to Glenn (guy with the boogie board lol) and Ducky (naked guy), they're actually really nice guys who were just full of adrenaline. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Would I have done what they did in the video? Well no, but I'm not gonna be a douche bag and talk down on them. They were having fun. I was having fun. Everyone else who attended the show was having fun. Now with "crowd killing" and hardcore moshing/dancing, I'm not a huge fan of it (but I did do it for a little), but that's how moshing is done in the hardcore/beatdown scene. Btw, at :25, I get hit in the head by Ducky and I was totally fine. Plus, I was pushed to floor once orr twice by some random people, who happened to help me up. "Hmmmmmm what is this sorcery?!?! The people that pushed you to the floor helped you up!?!?! Wow i never knew people could be so polite in a really mean environment", said the wuss. There's a huge difference between crowd killing and trying to beat the crap out of somebody (I mean people do get carried away with it, but everyone left the show safe and satisfied). With that being said, there's really nothing wrong with crowd killing. I just personally don't like it. Being in a metalcore band, I'm more of a push pit guy, but let's not worry about that haha. Everyone was moshing together, meaning everyone was feeling the same way towards the music. And if you can't get over the fact it's gonna happen at any metal show, you might wanna reconsider what shows you attend, host, or play. If you're going out of your way to make rules restricting moshing, you're not only ruining the whole purpose of the shows, but the reason why people even listen to this kind of music in the first place. So yeah, everyone had had a fun time!" FYI - He was fully ERECT during all of this...

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