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A Sapphire Engagement Ring Made from Scratch!

Finished product first. This is 18K gold with a cushion cut green sapphire in a bezel setting.

When I started thinking about popping the question, I knew that I wanted to make the ring myself. I have some experience making things with my hands (mostly woodworking projects) but no experience with metalwork.

After a little googling I connected with Sam Abbay at http://www.newyorkweddingring.com/.

He does 1 on 1 workshops where he guides you through the process of making a ring. We started talking in December, and I finished the ring in late February (though the big blocker was sourcing the stone!) Doing this myself was really fun and meaningful for her. She loves that I made it myself (the first words out of her mouth were “did you make this?!”)


Link to how this was done from start to finish – by macs3n

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